"WOW" Factor

The initial reaction when someone sees our products is “WOW”  thats really cool!  Every time our lighters are sparked, a new conversation is started.  Its something about the dazzling bright colors that always attracts the mind.   Our lighters offer something that nobody else has; with our Neon Green and Red flames, glow in the dark triggers, sleek functional designs, and colorful artwork, our lighters set themselves apart from the rest.  Not only do they have all the qualities that meet the eye, but also include perks such as; refillable with regular butane, torch flame action – which gives it that wind proof affect, and also has an adjustable flame!  They retail anywhere from $1.99 – $2.99, so the cost is always at a blow out price.  Its the perfect lighter for any checkout register, and will spark sales for many other products as well.  When people see others with Colorflame lighters, they always ask where they bought it.  This leads to new customers. While they are there to buy the Colorflame lighters, they will now be buying all types of other items in your store.  An item like this helps start conversation and creates a buzz!   Try a couple displays at your register and bring your customers something new and different!

Proven Impulse Item

Colorflame lighters have been selling in thousands of retail locations nationwide.  When placed at the register, any retail store can have success.  We always say, “if you have a register, you can carry our products”.  Its a match made in heaven for any smoke shop or convenience store.  CFK prides itself in bringing our customers something that nobody else has.  In today’s market, it seems as every store is always carrying the same products.  We are trying to change that and allow retailers and distributors an opportunity to offer an item that is “blind” to the market.  To the average consumer, its something they have never seen.  Place a couple displays at your register and enjoy your customers impulsiveness!

Torch Flame Action

Manufactured using the highest quality of materials and engineering, its no wonder our lighters are so loved so many across the country.  Instead of your boring yellow flame that blows out every 2 seconds, our lighters have a torch flame action which prevents even the toughest of winds from putting it out.  You can also light it upside down for those hard to reach places.  With our flame control gauge on every lighter, it also makes it very easy to adjust in different circumstances.  Great for the outdoors, many use them for hunting, fishing, golfing, camping, hiking, skiing, surfing, boating, and many more activities.  Place a couple displays at your register and offer your customers the most efficient lighter out!

Easy Stock and Distribution

Many retailers and distributors are finding our products just as useful selling as they are storing. Each 50 pack display comes individually packaged in a cardboard box, UPC coded, and labeled with item numbers.  Each master case contains 12 counter displays (600 lighters). Whether you are a small retailer or large distributor, CFK is able to cater to anyone interested in carrying our items.  We service wholesalers, retailers, and distributors of all kinds.  Distribution and retail programs are available upon request.  We cater to the customer on an individual level, knowing not all accounts are operated the same.  For more information on distribution and retail programs please contact us.

Must have for any convenience store or smoke shop

Colorflame lighters are a must have for any convenience store or smoke shop.  By placing a display of our lighters at your register, you are now sparking more impulse sales and will entice your customers to spend more money.  With offering our lighters with either a pack of cigarettes, a cigar, or a new pipe, you are now increasing your bottom line and at the same time offering your customers an item that your competitor down the street might not have.  Its all about setting yourself apart from the rest and continuing to bring new and different items to the checkout.  When you switch things up and display an item that is new to the eye, it will help expand your customer base and bring in buyers you might not have had.  Place a couple displays at your checkout and spark some new sales!



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